GMI has strategically placed designated markers in 16 countries who make sure that every client gets the best of this world. These are the people who sit at the quarry for days to make sure we get the right block at right price. We process these blocks ourselves, controlling the quality of finished stone.


The skills and perseverance you need to make granite/marble business successful cannot be acquired just by studying the market or training. It needs years of indulgence in the core of the stone industry; the “core” refers to the mining operations. One can learn handling the slab, but quality expertise can take years. GMI STONE has that years of experience with mining, processing & distribution.


We don’t involve any middlemen in the process of sourcing granite & marble. We choose our own blocks and get them cut into slabs, as per our needs. We also have 8 wholesale supply locations, which allow us to get bulk pricing. Both these factors allow us to source premium quality of granite and marble at lower pricing. The money saved gets passed directly to our customers. 


GMI owns 7 quarries around the world and has open access to 65 quarries to provide unstoppable supply of the most exotic colors of granite, marble, and onyx. We have our own processing facilities in Italy, China, India, Turkey, and Brazil. So supply is never an issue. You’ve imagined your own space…now let’s make it a reality.